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Created: 23 May 2016
  Haiti, an island ruled by superstition, where they bury their dead at the crossroads lest the bodies be stolen from their graves.  For the sugar mills on the great Haitian plantations worked by night, staffed with the cheapest labour of all: Zombies!  Corpses that walked and worked, animated by the supreme will of a white man, a man named Legendre, a man called “Murder”!

  Murder possessed the secret of the voodoo witchdoctors, a grey powder.  Only a pinpoint’s drop, on a flower or in a glass of wine, only a silent stare from his evil eyes and a curious clasp of his clawlike fingers, and another victim was in his power.  For Murder had power over both the living and the dead.  He dwelt in a castle on the cliffs where he ruled as king of the Land of the Living Dead.  A black vulture was his familiar, and his court a bodyguard of walking corpses.  One was a witch-doctor from whom Murder had tortured his secrets; another a white planter, encumbered with riches until Murder took them away from him.  A Frenchman, once the Minister of the Interior, stalked now beside Garcia, a brigand chief who, in his turn, walked unknowingly alongside the former Captain of Gendarmes.  Finally there was Chauvin:  “the executioner who once almost executed me.  I cal1 them – my Angels of Death!”.

  In time the Angels of Death came for the man called Murder ….


Bela Lugosi as Murder in ‘White Zombie’ (1932)



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