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Created: 24 May 2016


  On the surface, the countryside of Cornwall a century ago seemed peaceful.  But a mystery malady that was killing off the young men of one village brought Sir James Forbes down from London University to investigate.  His daughter Sylvia was the first to suffer when she ran afoul of the “young bloods” who rode to hounds and hunted her down.  She was saved by Squire Hamilton, but on her way home heard a strange sound, like the thudding of drums.  She followed the beat to an old tin mine: the drumming was coming from one of the shafts.  Sylvia was suddenly confronted by the body of a man she had seen before, dead in his coffin.  But now the body was walking, laughing, carrying in its arms the dead wife of the village doctor!  In the graveyard her father exhumed the dead man’s coffin: it was empty!  Then the Squire came calling on Sylvia.  They shared a drink, he broke her glass; she cut her finger.  The Squire left, with a drop of Sylvia’s blood. . . .

  Deep in the depths of the abandoned tin mine, a voodoo doll was touched with Sylvia’s blood.  A mile away, Sylvia swayed weakly as the cut on her finger opened and bled.  Her father examined the corpse of the doctor’s wife as she lay in her coffin.  Her eyes were open!  He swung the gravedigger’s spade and chopped off her head!  In his sacred robes of a Haitian voodoo priest the Squire summoned his Zombie workforce, but as Sir James consigned their effigies to fire, the Zombles burst into flames.  Then they turned on their master. . . .


Ben Aris as Norman Ward in ‘The Plague of the Zombies’ (1966)



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