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Created: 23 May 2016
Even a man who is pure in heart

And says his prayers by night,

May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms

And the Autumn moon is bright.

  The words of the wizened crone were the Gypsy’s Warning.  Maleva was her name and fortune-telling her game, but she saw more in the palm of her pretty customer than ever she had expected.  She saw the Sign of the Pentagram, the five-pointed star that branded the girl as a future victim of the most dreaded of all monsters, the hairy thing that comes in the night – the werewolf!  Maleva knew all about werewolves, for was not her own son Bela one of the cursed creatures?  That night when the full moon shone balefully through the mist-wreathed woods of Llanwelly, Jenny Williams died bv the bite of Bela.

  Lawrence Stewart Talbot had come home again to Wales.  Eighteen years an engineer in America, working at the Mount Wilson Observatory had given Larry a special interest in the science of stars.  As heir to Talbot Castle, a walk through the woods led him to the terrible scene.  He struck down the werewolf with his silver-headed cane and became the inheritor of horror.  By the full moon’s beam Larry turned into a thing of hair and claws that had but one urge: to kill!  In the awful end the Wolf Man was killed by his own father, and over his body Maleva crooned a new rune:

The way you walked was thorny through no fault of your own,

For as the rain enters the soil and evil enters the sea,

So tears run to their predestined end.

Your suffering is over.  Now find peace for eternity.


Lon Chaney Junior as ‘The Wolf Man’ (1941)



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