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Created: 23 May 2016
  Dr Sigmund Walters was the acknowledged authority on glandular disorders.  The medical journals were full of his dramatic attempts at racial improvement using vitamin treatment.  What they were not full of were his thirteen years of experiments in changing the shape, form, breed and sex of animals.  For these experiments were secrets of Crestview Sanitarium shared only by his devoted nurse, Miss Strand.  But even her stomach turned at Walters’ latest triumph, as the paws of a great gorilla, prostrate on the operating table in his underground laboratory, slowly grew smaller.  The coarse skin whitened and unwrinkled, the cruel claws shrank into small pink nails. And the brutal face of the beast changed, too.  The piggy eyes widened, the squat nose straightened, the yellow broken molars turned to small white teeth.  The grotesque features of the jungle animal had become those of a lovely young girl!  A human being with the instincts of a beast: the nurse’s warning did not go unheeded.  The fanatical scientist seized his assistant.  Later the entry in his daybook read:  “The sacrifice of Miss Strand for the brain operation was well worth while.

  He called her Paula Dupree, this statuesque beauty with the olive skin, the huge black eyes, and the graceful animal’s walk.  Men were charmed, but dogs slunk away, horses shied.  Love came to Paula, but it brought jealousy.  And jealousy brought horror: the emotional strain upset the delicate balance of her man-made glandular structure.  Before her mirror Paula changed again to Chula the circus gorilla!


Vicky Lane as Paula Dupree in ‘Jungle Captive’ (1944)



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